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TCIS AFRICA is a converging point for clinical researchers, medical professionals, CROs, pharmas, regulatory agencies and academia to network, exchange achievements, milestones, and challenges, as well as establish strategic direction for clinical trial management in Africa.

Africa is no longer a secret gem, as many pharmaceuticals, CROs and biotechs are now aware of its potential. It is the destination point for clinical trials due to the possibility for recruiting huge number participants for clinical trials, as well as it’s unfortunate high disease burden rate. Sub-Saharan Africa’s population rose by roughly 2.63 percent in 2020, adding approximately 1.14 billion people to the global population.
Africa has the ability to provide the reliable and usuable data in large and diverse poplution needed for clinical studies.

2023 summit Programs

Site Feasibility & Study

Recruitment & Patient Engagement

Break out session

Africa's success

Data Management

Role of Technology

Medical Device Trials

Budgeting and Resources

Regulatory affairs